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uChoose Rewards®

Reward Yourself.

 You have access to hundreds of retailers where you can earn big rewards, and there are tons of redemption choices.
With uChoose Rewards®, The Options Are Plenty.
Most rewards programs have limited options on where to shop, and it takes a ln for your points to accumulate. We make it simple to earn and to redeem with uChoose Rewards®.
How Does It Work?
  • Use your CSB Debit Card to make everyday purchases
  • Earn 1 point per $2 when  you sign for your purchases
  • Earn additional points by shopping at participating retailers in-store or online
  • Take all the points you've earned, and redeem for travel, event tickets, gift cards from popular retailers, merchandise and much more.
Enroll in uChoose Rewards® today to start earning points toward great rewards.

The More you shop, the more points you earn.

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Save Time & money.

Coastal States Bank Business Checking is about choices and convenience, with accounts that save you time and money.