Merchant Services

At CoastalStates Bank, we pride ourselves on our local bank doing business with local merchants.  Accepting credit cards and debit cards in today's world is no longer optional.   Choosing our LOCAL Merchant Services allows your payment processing needs to be simplified and cost effective.   We will help you find the best solution to meet your needs and grow with your business. 

  • Reliable and competitive pricing
  • Fast Funds — Receive most funds in 2 days when depositing to a CoastalStates Bank deposit account.
  • Easy  —  CoastalStates Merchant Services team takes the guesswork out of your merchant statement.
  • Free Evaluation
  • Customized pricing, set-up, installation, and servicing of your account
  • Supports industries including Restaurants, Internet/eCommerce, Lodging, Mail/Phone Order, Professional Services, and Retail.

Let CoastalStates Bank help your business thrive.  Contact us today at 843-341-9900 or email us at